Everyday Heroes: Thank You Delivery Drivers!

For the majority of us, stay-at-home orders have meant, well, staying at home. But for thousands of people across the country, these past few months have instead meant risking their own health and safety to ensure that the rest of the community can still get food and water, can turn on lights, can sign in to Instagram or binge Netflix for nine straight hours… and can buy just about anything online.

Whether you have groceries delivered, order essentials off Amazon, or spend a little too much time keeping your wardrobe up to date, you’ve got a delivery driver to thank for saving you a trip to the store.

Have You Thanked Your Delivery Driver Lately?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping my delivery driver pretty busy lately. Our drivers are kind of like silent heroes, driving up, dropping off packages, riding off into the sunset… And I wanted a way to say, “Thank you” that was equally as unimposing.

So I set out a tub of snacks and drinks—I figured it was the least I could do!

Want to show your appreciation?

Share the love! Please feel free to use; just click on the image below to open the full-size JPEG. Then right-click to Save Image As so you can print and use! And share with your friends, too. Let’s show those delivery drivers how much we appreciate them!

FREE Thank you letter for delivery drivers.

Keep On Surviving Shut Downs!

Hey, it’s been a long couple of months, but we’re nearing the end. It’ll likely take us a while to get fully back into the swing of things, so now is a great time to make a plan for getting back on your feet, crushing goals, and taking your business to a whole new level.

Need ideas? I can help. It’s kinda what I do. Just reach out to me if you need any ideas. Let’s get your business ready to rock and roll!