3 Jobs Anyone Can Do From Home—No Special Skills Required

Working from home is pretty much a dream come true, right? Sleeping in late, making your own schedule, working in your pajamas, or heck, working right in bed. Who doesn’t want to trade in their commute and long hours for that? If this sounds like your dream come true, then I’ve got some good news for you: there actually are quite a few jobs that anyone can do from home

Anyone Can Do These Jobs from Home

a woman working on the couch

You might think you need special skills, education, or experience to snag an at-home job, but it’s actually not as complicated as you might think. In fact, just about anybody can find an at-home job they’re suited for. It takes patience and perseverance, but with a little work, you too can be a successful work-from-home-er.

Here are three jobs you can definitely do… and from home.


If you can type, you can transcribe. It’s pretty simple. You sign up with a company, and they send you audio files. You type what you hear read aloud in the file and return it, easy as that.

Some companies might require special audio software, but many organizations that hire inexperienced transcribers have pretty basic tech standards—like a computer and high-speed internet.

Eager to get started? Transcribe Anywhere offers transcription courses and advice for going freelance. TranscribeMe requires a training program, but has no crazy tech requirements. Quicktate only requires a typing quiz, and offers promotion for more successful typists to a sister site called iDictacte. Rev requires a grammar quiz, but pays around $22 – $39 an hour.

Social Media Management

a woman using facebook on her computer

If you live for social media, if your posts regularly get dozens (or even hundreds) of likes from your followers, and if you know how to get eyes on your page, then social media management could be for you. Social media management might seem easy—just post some fun things to Facebook!—but there’s actually quite a bit of planning, knowledge, and skill that goes to deciding what to post, when to post, and how to post. Social algorithms are everything when it comes to making social media successful!

The best way to get started is probably to work on your own social media presence. Make sure you’re very familiar with all the big platforms—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn—and gain some followers. If you can’t promote yourself, you can’t promote clients, either!


If you can write, you can write copy, too! Just about anything you read on the internet—sites, blogs, social media, email—has been crafted by a copywriter. However, copywriting isn’t just knowing how to write or having impeccable grammar (though those things definitely help). You also have to understand SEO—that is, Search Engine Optimization. In other words, you have to know how Google is going to interpret the things you write, and how it will present them to searchers.

SEO is a cornerstone of internet writing, so if you know it, you’ve already got a foot in the door. If you don’t, there are quite a few ways you can learn it online, like with Moz’s SEO Learning Center (free) or, better yet, from Google itself.

You Can Do These Full Time… or Freelance

a woman writing

The great thing about all three of these work-from-home jobs is that you’ve got a lot of options for how you get started. You can find a full-time position with an established company. You can freelance through a contracting site like UpWork or Fiverr (there are a lot of others, too). Or you can work totally solo, finding your own clients to work for.

Flying Solo? Let Us Help!

Finding your own clients and managing your own freelance business obviously gives you the most flexibility to work when, where, and on what you want to work. But it does require a little extra go-getting to establish a client base to ensure you get enough work to pay your bills. Not sure where to start with that? That’s where we come in!

At Corridor Consulting, we’re all about helping both startup and established businesses create or improve their online presence—through websites, social media, blogs, and more. If you’re ready to find clients, then we’re ready to lend a hand. Contact us today and let’s chat.

Let Someone Else Do Social Media Management for You

Social media management might seem like something you can easily do yourself—you spend plenty of time scrolling Facebook, tweeting, and Instagramming already, so what’s the difference? Adding a few posts to a business account shouldn’t be too much more work, right? Actually, it really can be a full-time job!

Why You Should Hire Someone to Handle the Complexities of Social Media

a woman using facebook on a computer

Social media might seem straightforward, but in reality, it can be anything but. There’s a lot of thought that goes into professional social media—like what time of day you post, how often you post, what you post, who sees your posts… the list goes on. Here are a few things you should know about social media for business… and why it might be best to just let a pro handle the pesky details.

Posts need to be engaging

are your posts getting love?

One of the biggest ways non-professional posters fail is by making posts that don’t catch readers’ interest. If you aren’t posting material that grabs attention, it’s not going to get read, clicked on, or even noticed. And when content gets ignored, it doesn’t get promoted, either. (Ever notice that posts with a lot of “likes” just keep getting more “likes”?)

So, how do you make content attention-grabbing? It might be as simple as adding a cute graphic or a funny meme, something to catch the eye of a skimming reader. But unless you know what readers want to see, this might be a decision best left to an expert.

Content needs to be relevant

a family reading on an ipad

Once you garner that attention, you’ve got to keep it with content that actually matters to the reader. Typically, short comments or blurbs are better than long paragraphs, something that can pull the reader in a little further and entices them to click to read more. A funny meme is great, but if there’s no point to the content, your reader will simply chuckle and keep scrolling.

Professional social media users know that content can’t just grab the eye; it’s got to entice the reader, too.

You have to know your audience

a professional businesswoman on an ipad

The key to creating relevant content that your readers actually want to explore further lies in understanding your readers! Who is your target audience? Namely, who is mostly likely to receive—and respond to—posts by your business? Once you know who your clients are, ask yourself, what do your clients really want to know?

Knowing your audience does more than just aid your content creation, however. Having a target audience in mind can help you determine which social media sites you use, how often you post, and even how you write (formal vs. informal, etc).

Content must be scheduled & posted regularly

an open daily planner

Social media calendars and schedules exist for a reason—they work. If you’re on multiple social media platforms, having a calendar can help you sort out what to post on which site and when. They allow you to schedule out your posts to specific times when they’re more likely to receive maximum engagement, AND they can help you avoid repeating content that’s already been posted.

Social media professionals don’t just use social media calendars; we understand how they work, too. We know the best times and days to post on specific sites, as well as how to use proper automation to streamline the process—and when to turn automation off.

Your social media profiles should be optimized, too

optimizing a facebook profile

Another big thing non-pros get wrong? Focusing on the posting and not the profile. Before you start posting anything to your business page, take some time to make sure you optimize your profile. That means choosing professional profile and cover pictures, updating your page layout to reflect your business, adding some details about your business, and sharing your bio.

Professional social media experts can handle this part of the process, too! Setting up your profile isn’t terribly difficult, but it does take some work to make sure it’s professional, informative, and tailored to your business. And social media gurus know how to do this so it best suits your brand.

Ready to Leave the Social Media to an Expert?

If social media isn’t your line of expertise, it might be time to find an expert so you can get back to running your business and doing what you love. At Corridor Consulting, we’re pretty darn good at all aspects of social media—from optimizing your profile to creating a calendar of compelling content for all your social media platforms. Intrigued? We’d love to chat about your business, your goals, and how we can help bring clients your way.

4 Things Your Company Needs to Hire Someone to Do

Many business owners branch off on their own because they enjoy wearing more than one hat. And when you first get started, that’s a good thing! You’ll probably find yourself filling a lot of roles in the early days—customer service rep, marketer, manager, accountant… maybe more. But as your business and your client base start to grow, you’ll eventually need to hire someone to take up some of those roles.

Business Hats You Probably Shouldn’t Be Wearing

Have you ever called a plumber, contractor, landscaper, or other service person for an estimate and never gotten so much as a call back? Some will even “ghost” you after driving out to give you an estimate! It’s a common problem, especially around the Triangle area, and most likely, it’s a case of the overwhelmed small business owner.

Are you that overwhelmed business person, bogged down by the day-to-day operations that keep you from doing what you love? It’s time to hire help for these four essential jobs!


a small business owner balancing the books

Unless you’re particularly good with numbers and balancing books, accounting is a task better left for an outside hire. Depending on the size of your business, you might be able to hire a contractor, a part-time employee, or even a full-time financial expert.

In addition to helping you keep your books in line, a good accountant may be able to make recommendations for places you could more efficiently run your business or save money. Accountants can also help with things like budgeting, investing, and making financially smart business decisions.


a salesman talking to a business owner

Even if you love going out and connecting with clients, you probably want to find someone to talk up the locals while you focus on behind-the-scenes work. Depending on the type of work you do, you might be able to find your own clients easily enough, but if you’re particularly busy with the hands-on part of the job, client acquisition is a role better left for someone with a more open schedule.


a woman marketing her business

Ads, flyers, website content, social media, logos, images… All the ways your business gets pushed out to the public can quickly add up to a full-time job. It can also get expensive, and if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you could be pouring a lot of money into not a lot of leads. Marketing is definitely a job best left to a pro—particularly one who knows how to promote businesses in your field.

The nice thing about marketing is that it can be fairly easy and inexpensive. You likely don’t need to hire a full-time marketing person, and in fact, can likely find an outside company to handle all the details for you.

Human Resource Person

a human resources manager

Once you start to take on more personnel, you’ll probably need someone to manage all the associated paperwork, legalities, and regulations. A human resources person can help with everything from organizing payroll to hiring new staff to fielding complaints. Depending on the size of your company, you may be able to outsource to a third-party, or it might make sense to have a full- or part-time person on your staff.

Get Back to Focusing on What You Love!

Being a business owner means wearing all those hats for a little while, but we highly recommend getting help on the daily operations that take you away from the heart of your business. Finding qualified and skilled help will let you get back to doing what you love (and what you’re good at)!

Need marketing help? Corridor Consulting would love to lend a hand! Contact us today to learn more about how we can get your business out there… without any hassle from you.

5 Steps to Set Up Your Facebook Business Page

Every good business needs a web presence—it’s how businesses are found nowadays. And a big part of your web presence is, yes, your Facebook Business page. Even if you’ve opted not to have a personal Facebook account, you still probably want to have one for your business. The good news is that setting up a Facebook Business page is pretty straightforward.

The Basics of Setting Up a Facebook Business Page

The basics are easy! Really, there are just a few main things you need to do to get your business page up and running and looking professional, clear, and informative. Here’s how to get started.

Sign up!

facebook business setup screen
Photo courtesy https://www.facebook.com/pages/create

If you’ve already got a page, you can skip to the next step. If not, then head on over to facebook.com/pages/create. Select the type of page you want to create (most likely this will be business/brand) and hit Get Started.

From there, you’ll be directed to enter some business information. For your page name, use your business name. For category, try to select the type of business you think clients are most likely to think of when they search for your business. Then, add your address and phone number. Step One, complete!

Create graphics for your page

profile picture and cover photo for raleigh woodworks

All right, next step: your profile picture. This is the main picture clients will see when they search for you or message you or when you post, so make sure it’s a good quality photo that aligns with your business and your brand. For a larger business, you probably want to use your logo. If you’re a single entity or influencer, a headshot might be the better way to go. Ultimately, you want your image to be easily identifiable to clients.

For your cover image, you will again want to find a clear and concise image that represents your brand and your business. This might be a logo or an image of your product or service. Make sure BOTH images are properly sized (to prevent blurriness or cutting off), and be sure to add a description with a call to action and link in the photo caption.

Update your page layout

template layout update screen from Facebook
Photo courtesy facebook.com

Did you know that Facebook Business actually offers a few different layouts for different businesses? Yup—restaurants, nonprofits, services, and other businesses all have their own formats! If you didn’t know this, your page might not be in the right template.

Fortunately, it’s easy to change. Just click Edit Page Info in the top menu. Then, click Templates and Tabs in the left menu. From there, click Edit to the right of Current Template. Then, you’ll be asked to choose from a variety of templates for your business. Lastly, review the new buttons and tabs for your page and click Apply Template.

Not sure which template you should be using or kinda lost in all those steps? I’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction!

Add some details about your biz

Facebook Page Info update screen
Photo courtesy facebook.com

The more you can tell a client about your business, the more likely they are to understand how your product or service could benefit them. To add some details about your business, click Edit Page Info in the top menu. From here you can add some specifics, like a description, contact information, hours, and more. You can also check your location on a map, and maybe add some extra options, like a price range or privacy policy statement.

Remember in Step 1 when you picked a category for your business? You can actually add a few more to help clients be able to find your business. This also helps Facebook show your page to the right people. But don’t overdo your categories—the goal is to target an interested audience that’s going to actively engage with your page.

Tell your “About Story”

the about story for corridor consulting
Photo courtesy facebook.com

This is important! This is where people who want to know more about your business will click to figure out who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer them specifically. To set it up, click See More in the left menu of your main page, then click About, then Our Story.

Make sure your Title is clear, and be sure to use the H1 and H2 headlines allowed in the Copy section. Then, tell your story! Focus on what makes you unique and why your services are needed. Lastly, add a header image, different from your main page header image.

Seem Like a Lot? Let Us Give You a Makeover!

We get it—you’re busy doing important things, like running a business! We’d love to give your Facebook Business page a makeover; for experts like us, it’s all in a day’s work and doesn’t take much time. Contact Corridor Consulting today to learn more about how we can take your Facebook presence from nonexistent to hopping!

Get Organized with These Easy Business Management Tips

Running a business can get a little messy if you don’t know how to stay organized. Admittedly, some folks thrive on disorder… but most of us could probably benefit from a little bit of structure. Just like decluttering a house, however, decluttering your business can seem overwhelming if you don’t know how to start.

Simple Ways to Organize & Manage Your Business

a woman organizing her business

One of the most important things you can do to keep your business organized is to have a system. A written system. A system that, should you need to step out for a few days, would be easy for someone else to understand and fill in for you. Here are some handy business management tips to help you get started on getting organized.

Use your email inbox as a reminder system

business management with email

Use your emails as a reminder for things that need to be addressed or done. Once you respond to or address the email, move it into a separate (labeled and logical) folder. Anything undone stays in your inbox until it’s complete.

Like any good organizational system, this requires regular maintenance. It won’t work if you have a thousand emails in your main inbox! I recommend keeping it under 10. If you go over that, it’s time to tackle some to-dos.

Try a task assignment program

using a task assignment program

If the 10-email system isn’t working for you, or you have to delegate work out to employees, consider using a task management program or app to sort out what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and who will be doing it. There are a lot of great programs out there, both paid and unpaid, that allow you to create tasks, assign them to various people, set due dates, add notes, and more.

You might have heard of or seen ads for some of these, like monday.com, Asana, Trello, Teamwork, and more. If you’re not sure which is right for your business, I’d be happy to make a recommendation!

Go paperless… and keep it in the cloud

a woman checking her email

Going paperless isn’t just about saving trees (though that is a nice perk). It also reduces the number of physical files, folders, and papers you need to keep track of. You may be able to choose paperless billing or communication for a lot of the business you currently do. You will need to scan any existing paperwork, if you want it all in the same spot, but there are actually apps that can help with this—no scanner required.

Once you digitize bills or files, you’ll need a place to store them. There are a lot of different cloud-based storage platforms, and which you choose to use is really just personal preference. Google Drive is a popular option; Dropbox is another favorite. Evernote is another great app for organizing quick thoughts sticky-note style.

Organize your computer

an organized computer desktop

What does your computer desktop look like? Are there a million ambiguously named folders, five thousand images, and an assortment of unorganized files layered on so thick you can’t tell what your background image is anymore? Time to organize!

The goal is to keep your desktop as clear as possible. Only programs you use regularly should be allowed to sit front and center. The others need to be organized, out of sight, in a folder. Files and images shouldn’t be stored on your computer at all (except maybe in a backup folder). These should be moved to your cloud platform, both for accessibility (retrieve them anywhere!) and for safety (so any computer-destroying accidents won’t erase all your files).

Clear your workspace

a nicely organized desk

Look beyond your computer at your physical surroundings. If you’re working with clutter, precarious stacks, and scary-looking piles, you probably need to do a little decluttering and organizing. Everything on your desk should have a specific use and a designated space. Don’t let your desk become a catch-all for stuff that doesn’t have a home.

If you do find that this sort of clutter ends up on your desk, consider designating a spot for “stuff that needs to be dealt with”, preferably not on your desk. Move sticky notes to your cloud platform or into your task management program. Put pens, pencils, and other utensils into a drawer or holder. File or scan papers. Remove anything that’s not being used, and find a home for anything that is.

Designate time for staying organized

highlighting and organizing

Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes at the end of each day, or maybe at the end of the week, to deliberately clean up your space. Transfer handwritten notes or documents to the cloud. Remove physical clutter from your desk. Organize your inbox. Scan or file paperwork. Clear off your computer desktop. Having a time specifically set aside for organization can help maintain order.

Need Help Getting Organized?

Feeling a little overwhelmed by getting (or staying) organized or looking for a few more tips on how to get started? We’d love to help you out! Maybe you could benefit from a few tips specific to your business. Maybe you’re just plain trying to juggle too much and need a hand with things like marketing and social media. Either way, we’d love to chat about how we can help you better your business. Just reach out and let’s start talking!

Creating Valuable Content for Your Clients

Let’s talk about something really important—creating valuable, usable content that your clients actually want to read. I’m not alone in saying that I hate the sales pitches all over social media and blogs these days. People don’t want to read that, and if they get the impression you’re just trying to sell them something, they’ll leave. But if you can provide valuable content and keep them around, well, that’s how you get attention from potential clients and ultimately build your SEO!

How to Bring Valuable Content to Your Clients & Readers

reading valuable content on a blog

Creating genuine content has a few advantages. First and foremost, it builds interest in what you post. If you actually provide information that people want to read or can benefit from reading, then you’ll gain their attention. They’ll come back. They might refer other people to your site because they know you deliver quality content.

Secondly, your SEO will improve. The increased client traffic, coupled with organic keywords and relevant content, will boost you up in Google searches leading even more people to start appreciating your great content.

So, how do you create that useful, client-building, SEO-boosting content? Here are some of my best tips for constructing valuable content for your business.

Think of questions people ask you everyday… and answer them

answering questions for clients

What do you get asked a lot in your line of work? What does everybody who comes to you want to know? Make a list of some of the most frequent questions you hear, then answer them. Address these concerns just like you would if you were speaking to an actual client. By providing genuine information, no strings attached, you gain client trust and confidence.

For example, we manage all the social media for The Walk at East Village, an Active Adult community in Clayton, NC. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a response plan, which we then implemented and communicated to all agents and buyers associated with East Village.

Share some of your favorite tools/tips of the trade

a beautifully renovated home

There are a couple of ways you can spin this. You might offer some tips for a DIY project in your line of work (like easy home improvements), show off some of your favorite organizational or trade tools, or even just provide some advice for those who want to learn a little more—some things you had to learn the hard way and wish someone had told you when you were first starting out!

For example, my team does a lot of behind-the-scenes blogs for Raleigh Woodworks. We delve into the company’s active projects, provide tips for updating or maintaining a personal home, and sprinkle in some cool before-and-after shots, too.

Solve a typical area or industry problem

taking pictures on a city tour

Think of some things a typical client in your industry might want to know. In construction, maybe eco-friendly features are a trendy topic. In real estate, it might be nice to highlight the local community. In salon services, maybe hot new hairdos would make a great read.

For example, my team works with The Elite Builders Group, a new construction real estate team in the Johnston County area of NC. Every month, we put out a Favorite Things blog that explores industry-relevant news and highlights local businesses, restaurants, events, and organizations.

Brainstorm some work-relevant topics

What do you share with your clients and friends about your business? What (industry-related) topics do you talk about with your coworkers or employees? What kinds of industry-specific things do you wish you’d known starting out? The answers to these questions could all be topics for your next blog post, Tik Tok video, or content page.

Ready to Start Producing Great Content?

If all this sounds a little overwhelming, we get it. This “valuable content” stuff… it’s kinda what we do (in case you didn’t pick up on that). You have better things to do with your time—like running your business! Let us worry about your content so you can focus on delivering 5-star client service. Get in touch and tell us a little more about your company, and we’ll help you get some bookmark-worthy content out to your will-be clients.

5 Low-Cost (or Free) Construction Marketing Strategies

Launching a business—and actually making money—is all about finding clients. And finding clients comes down to your marketing strategy. The thing about marketing, though, is that it differs from industry to industry, business to business; it pays to know the tricks of the trade. So, let’s talk about marketing for construction.

Niche Marketing for Construction & Contracting

construction marketing tips

My husband and I recently launched our own construction company, Raleigh WoodWorks, and so far, we’ve had no problem finding clients. My experience in construction management, paired with my marketing knowledge and strategy, has allowed clients to find us very quickly—we’re definitely off the ground running! Here are some of my best tried-and-true marketing tips for the construction industry.

Take pictures of everything

a beautiful new kitchen

Construction is all about the finished project, the before and after shots that make you go, WOW! And you can’t get that wow factor without pictures! So invest in a good camera, and learn how to use it. Seriously. Good photos pay off.

Taking pictures allows you to build a professional portfolio of real-life examples designed to both impress and inform potential clients. And they definitely dress up your website and social media accounts!

Stay active on social media

posting on facebook

Speaking of social media, it’s a good idea to keep friends and potential clients in the loop! Share pictures, tips, and even behind-the-scenes action about 3 – 4 times a week on at least a couple of different platforms. The idea is to provide helpful or engaging information that encourages people to interact, dig deeper, or even share or promote.

If you don’t already have business accounts set up, you’ll want to get those up and running first and foremost. Make sure to include plenty of business-specific information, including your logo and other branding, contact information, and links to your site. Then, hop on and start posting. Here’s how.

Facebook Business

Join neighborhood and community groups in your area; you’d be surprised at the number of people who search out contractors via Facebook. And don’t be afraid to share to your personal Facebook page to let friends and family know about your business—you never know who’s looking!


Get that business account up and running, then start sharing! Photos are great, but videos get even more views—IGTV videos especially. Share stories to grow your audience and get viewers engaged.


Did you know that Pinterest is the only platform with an outstanding organic lifetime of shares? That basically means you can pin something today that keeps getting shared… for weeks or months to come! And unlike on other social media platforms, which typically only show you the posts of friends or groups you already follow, Pinterest allows for a much more widespread audience. So people you’ve never met can see—and share—your posts.

Update your website frequently

updating a website for construction marketing

It might be tempting to set up your website, then forget about it. However, it actually benefits you to update your site regularly—frequent updates tell Google that you’re still active and relevant, which can help improve your SEO and bump you up in Google’s search results. So if you want clients to find your business in their searches, make sure you’re keeping your site up to date, even if that just means adding a few pictures here and there.

Ask for reviews

asking clients for reviews

Nothing promotes a business like a great review. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your clients after the job is done to ask for feedback. We send an email to each customer after every project we finish; reviews are one of the top reasons other clients decide to call us!

A happy client should be more than willing to share their experience and help you promote your business.

Run ads

google ads

While there’s a lot of free marketing and advertising you can do, running ads is a fast and efficient way to get eyes on your business. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to start getting leads or followers quickly, either. Google’s search ads are hands-down the fastest way to be found when trying to get your name out there to clients.

However, I do NOT recommend attempting Google Ads on your own if you’re unfamiliar with how it works. You can easily waste a lot of money without seeing any returns—this is where it pays to work with a marketing expert!

Facebook ads are another way to get eyes on your business by giving your social media presence a little bit of a boost. Facebook ads can be leveraged to build your social media following, which allows you to be seen by more potential clients and continue to capitalize on that initial investment.

… Or Just Let Someone to Handle That for You!

Sound like a lot of work and time you’d be better spending on actual client projects? I hear you! Your expertise is out there bringing visions to reality, and mine is here, bringing clients to you! If you’re ready to launch or grow your business, I’m here to help. Contact me today to learn more about how my services can get your business booming.

5 Things You Can Do (From Home!) to Build Your Brand

This past year has been a bit of a roller coaster (or maybe a game of dodgeball?)—major shutdowns, sky-high unemployment, social distancing measures, nationwide protests, talks of a recession… it’s a tough time to be a small business! But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep doing what you love; you just might need to work a little harder to build your brand. Here’s what I mean.

Wait… What Does “Building a Brand” Mean?

a woman building her brand

First things first. What exactly do I mean when I talk about building a brand? In a nutshell, I mean that when people (i.e., your potential clients) search for your name, or better yet, your service or product, they find exactly what they’re looking for—your business! It’s not something that happens automatically; it takes building a brand.

Here are four things you can do—right now—to kickstart your brand.

Design a logo

designing a logo

Having a logo is vitally important to establishing a brand and a “look” for your company. Logos might not seem like a big deal, but they actually do a lot for attracting potential clients. Your logo is sort of like your “curb appeal”, that first glimpse of your business you give would-be clients to decide if you’re the right fit for their needs.

Logos do a couple of things—for you, and for your clients. Firstly, they establish your company’s identity. Are you formal and professional? A little fun and funky? Artsy and flowy? They can also show your clients that you’re a serious, established company, not just some newbie taking a whack at running a business.

Build a website

designing a website

This one’s critical, you guys! The internet is literally the gateway to information. Think about it; if you want a haircut/new house/contractor/pizza/Netflix show, where do you turn? Google! So, guess what your potential clients are probably doing when they need a new [insert-your-product/service-here]? Yeah, they’re Googling it. If you don’t have a website, how the heck is that potential client going to find you?

Building a website doesn’t have to be super hard, either. You can actually do it with essentially zero knowledge of web design, thanks to user-friendly sites like Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and WordPress. I would, however, recommend choosing a unique domain name (none of that your-biz123.wordpress.com) to make you look legitimate, professional, and established.

Get on social media

setting up a business account on facebook

All right, now you’ve got your website (with your beautiful logo on it, of course), let’s take that internet presence one step further with a little social media marketing. Creating some business social media profiles is a great way to connect with potential clients and show them who you are as a business—and as a person. Unlike your website, which offers a more static view of your company, social media allows you to actively interact with your community.

Business social media is a little different from personal social media. You probably want to start with some graphics that flow with your logo and overall business feel. Then, invite all your personal Facebook/Instagram/Twitter friends to like your business pages. Create events. Allow clients to check in to your business and leave reviews. Repurpose relevant posts. Just be sure to keep it evergreen, fresh, upbeat, and professional.

A note on current events: Many businesses (myself included) have used social media as a way to support local and national activist groups, to spread awareness and education, or to encourage others to get involved. You can, too!

Write a good bio and use it everywhere

writing a persona biography

We’ve all read those cheesy, salesy, cut-from-a-mold bios that boast “years of experience” and “unrivaled skills” and blah blah blah… long story short it’s a long-winded and fancy way of not really saying anything or of covering up that you don’t really have any experience or skills! Eek!

Instead, take some time to craft a bio that actually says something about you as a business person and as a human being. Talk about your work experience. Talk about your hobbies. Talk about your passions. Talk about what made you want to start the business you’re running now. Talk to your clients, person to person, and give them a glimpse of what makes you NOT just another robot promising the moon to push a product or service.

Get on Google My Business

woman on a computer

One last tip… join Google My Business! It’s FREE, and it’s an invaluable tool for getting your business out there to be found by potential clients. Joining Google My Business allows you to be found in Google searches and on Google Maps. It allows you to post photos and offers, provide several contact methods for clients, and even see how your clients engage with your profile. Yup; you can view clicks, follows, bookings, and more. And did I say free?

Need Help Building Your Brand?

Eager to get started building your brand and reaching clients? It takes a lot to do it all on your own, which is why I’m here! Marketing, brands, websites, social media… it’s kinda my thing. If you need help getting all those details sorted, Corridor Consulting is here to help. Just give me a shout.

Charity Donations and Community Support: Be the Solution

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. People of all ages and from all walks of life have felt the ramifications of economic instability, widespread political unrest, and cries for social justice. Millions across our nation have been directly impacted by today’s issues, and it’s time we stood together as a community to support one another, to spread love and kindness, and to affect change for the better.

Here’s what I’m doing… and what you can do. Together we stand. In solidarity.

How I’m Supporting My Community Through Charity

helping classroom children

Community support and love has never been more important than it is today. My goal is to target the source of the problem by providing money in underprivileged areas. I’ll start by donating a portion of my company’s proceeds to an incredible organization, Public Schools First NC.

I’d love to get other businesses and individuals to join in, too. Because together, we can make a BIG difference in a LOT of lives. Need ideas? Let me know.

Meet Public Schools First NC

Public Schools First NC is a nonprofit organization focused on preK – 12 public education issues. The group collaborates with parents, teachers, and community leaders to spread awareness of problems within the education system, then advocate for solutions to bring about change. Some of the causes they support include racial integration, adequate funding, programs that protect minorities and at-risk youth, and more.

Want more information on how you can help? They have an amazing website filled with resources that range from voter information on candidates to current legislative actions in the works to reports on segregation in Wake County Schools. Even if you aren’t able to make a donation, I strongly urge you to check out their site to see other ways you can help.

My petitions, donations, and contacts

In addition to my donations to Public Schools First NC, I’ve also signed a few petitions directly calling for specific courses of action and made donations to organizations advocating for social justice and racial equality.

Petitions I’ve signed: #JusticeforBre demands the immediate firing of the police officers involved in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Demand Racial Data on Coronavirus requests that the government collect and release demographic data on the coronavirus, which has disproportionately affected Black communities. Justice for George Floyd demands that charges be filed against the officers involved in the death of George Floyd.

Donations I’ve made: I made donations to the above three organizations, as well as The Bail Project, which helps the underprivileged make bail and return to their lives as they await trial.

Authorities I’ve contacted: I also reached out to the governor of North Carolina, Roy Cooper, and I’d encourage you to do the same.

Other Charitable Organizations at Work in Our Communities

working together to support community

While I regularly support Public Schools First NC, I want to give a shout out to some other charitable programs and organizations at work in our community, a few of which I’ve also supported.

Did I miss any charities or organizations you believe can make a difference in the world? Please let me know—I’d love to spread the word!

Black Youth Project 100

Black Youth Project 100 is an organization of activists between the ages of 18 and 35 focused on building a network of transformative leadership, spreading education and awareness, and advocating for minorities. The organization has chapters in Washington, DC, Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Jackson, and our own Durham.

BYP-100 recently organized a successful and peaceful protest in Durham. They’ll be sitting down with Durham PD on Friday to talk and discuss demands.

NC Bail Fund of Durham

Located in Durham, NC Bail Fund of Durham is actually part of a nationwide effort to help the underprivileged make bail in order to return to jobs, families, and daily lives. Crime and poverty too often go hand in hand, creating a perpetuating cycle of hopelessness and desperation.

NC Bail Fund seeks to break the cycle by posting low-cost bail for people who cannot otherwise afford it, thereby helping them return to their homes as they await trial. Pre-trial detentions (which is what happens when the accused is unable to post bail) increase the likelihood of a trial that results in a prison sentence, as well as longer overall sentence terms.

Fight for Breonna

On March 13, 2020, 26-year-old Louisville EMT Breonna Taylor was killed in her bed when police entered her home looking for drugs that were never found. Her boyfriend, who attempted to defend their home against what he thought was a break-in, was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a police officer. He was held under house arrest for several weeks until charges were (only recently) dismissed.

Now, Breonna’s family calls for justice for her untimely and tragic death. Donating will help them pay for lawyers in their plea for justice. The family has also made several demands of the City of Louisville, calling for the arrest of the officers involved in Breonna’s death, as well as increased transparency in the investigation of law enforcement misconduct.

Ben Crump: The Lawyer for Justice

Ben Crump is the lawyer involved in the #GeorgeFloyd legal case, but his work is much bigger than seeking justice for one man’s unjust death. He’s spoken on national platforms to advocate for the families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, and calls for social justice on a national level.

Supporting the work of Ben and his team will help them to campaign for the creation of new federal legislation to prevent tragic injustices such as these from happening with such frightening and saddening regularity.


The NAACP has long been the name at the forefront of racial justice and civil rights movements. Through litigation, advocacy, and public education, this nonprofit organization works to create a society that fulfills its promise of equality for all its people. The group also works to protect the rights of the Black community gained over the last 75 years while addressing ongoing issues, such as police brutality, inequality in education, and an unfair criminal justice system.

The NAACP offers an immense variety of resources and programs, from educational events to scholarships to assistance in particular criminal justice cases. Their website is a great way to learn more about the issues too many Black Americans face in today’s world, as well as ways you can make a difference to spur social change.

Education Is Critical for Instigating Social Change

learning about charity organizations

Educating yourself is incredibly important for creating social change. Education serves two purposes—to help us understand how issues in our world affect our fellow community members and to enable us to find ways to create peaceful and long-lasting change. By learning all we can about our society, our government, and our laws, we can better advocate for concrete and sustainable change.

Not sure where to turn? The Movement for Black Lives is hosting a series this week that might be a good starting point. Black Lives Matter also has a list of ways you can learn, donate, and support your community.

Remember, it’s never too late to start learning, to open yourself up to the world, to make a difference. Change is coming; better to meet it prepared and be a part of the solution!

Together, We Can Make a Difference

I truly believe that standing together, working together, learning and growing and advocating for equality together, we can make a difference that will forever transform the world. Together, we can change our country, our community, and the lives of all our brothers and sisters—for the better. Sending love to all. #InSolidarity.

Everyday Heroes: Thank You Delivery Drivers!

For the majority of us, stay-at-home orders have meant, well, staying at home. But for thousands of people across the country, these past few months have instead meant risking their own health and safety to ensure that the rest of the community can still get food and water, can turn on lights, can sign in to Instagram or binge Netflix for nine straight hours… and can buy just about anything online.

Whether you have groceries delivered, order essentials off Amazon, or spend a little too much time keeping your wardrobe up to date, you’ve got a delivery driver to thank for saving you a trip to the store.

Have You Thanked Your Delivery Driver Lately?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been keeping my delivery driver pretty busy lately. Our drivers are kind of like silent heroes, driving up, dropping off packages, riding off into the sunset… And I wanted a way to say, “Thank you” that was equally as unimposing.

So I set out a tub of snacks and drinks—I figured it was the least I could do!

Want to show your appreciation?

Share the love! Please feel free to use; just click on the image below to open the full-size JPEG. Then right-click to Save Image As so you can print and use! And share with your friends, too. Let’s show those delivery drivers how much we appreciate them!

FREE Thank you letter for delivery drivers.

Keep On Surviving Shut Downs!

Hey, it’s been a long couple of months, but we’re nearing the end. It’ll likely take us a while to get fully back into the swing of things, so now is a great time to make a plan for getting back on your feet, crushing goals, and taking your business to a whole new level.

Need ideas? I can help. It’s kinda what I do. Just reach out to me if you need any ideas. Let’s get your business ready to rock and roll!