4 Ways to “Touch” a Lead Without Being Annoying

Converting leads to clients is all about following up, right? After all, the lead that gets ignored is the lead that gets away. But in an age where we’re all overloaded with junk emails, ads, and promotions, closing that sale is about more than just following up. There’s a difference between persistence—and becoming an annoyance that gets dumped in the junk mail folder. So, how do you toe the line between perseverance and harassment?

“Touch” with Information, Not Annoyances

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The average person gets between 5,000 and 30,000 brand messages per day. So you can imagine that it takes a LOT for one of those to stand out! But for many of us, that stand-out-from-the-crowd tenacity gets annoying.

Making those “touches” happen without becoming obnoxious can take a little creativity. Don’t send 10 emails in a row. Don’t make five phone calls to the same client in one week. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify, create value, ensure relevance, and personalize whenever possible! Here’s how to find better ways to reach out to leads.

Diversify: Connect with clients in different ways

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One of the best ways to reach clients is by expanding the ways in which you reach. Pay attention to trends in how people connect. For example, TikTok has become quite popular in the last year, but older social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are still great for spreading information.

The more you diversify and spread out your “touches” the less each touch will feel like harassment. So send an email. Make a phone call. Set up a retargeted ad. Post on Facebook, but don’t forget Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Expand the ways in which you connect with clients.

Create value: Be an informational source

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Another surefire way to harass clients is to make everything a sales pitch. Yes, you want to convert leads to business, but sometimes a subtle hand does more than a direct approach. Instead of pitching your business, try showcasing your knowledge and experience.

Write a blog on a relevant topic in your industry. Show off a recently completed project with a portfolio of photos. Start a social media discussion by asking for followers’ opinions or recommendations. The more ways you can draw eyes and interest, the more likely a potential client is to think of you when they have a question or want to find an expert in your field.

Ensure relevance: Understand your clients’ habits and needs

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Understanding your target audience is key to finding meaningful ways to connect. How will you reach out to potential clients? What kind of information might they be searching for? What do you have to offer that could be of interest or assistance to them?

Before you implement any marketing communication, stop and ask whether it has a purpose. If you don’t have something to share that would interest a potential client, it’s probably best to hold off. Essentially, you want to ensure that every piece of communication has value to your clients—or else you might just be an annoyance.

Customize: Personalize direct contact whenever possible

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In today’s day and age, it’s very possible (and usually pretty easy) to personalize everything from emails to newsletters to direct mail ads and letters. Small personal touches, like using names, can make a big difference in setting you apart from the businesses still addressing every lead in their database as “valued customer”. It might take a little bit of technical know-how to get the ball rolling, but once you do, it’s well worth the extra time and effort!

Feeling a Little Lost?

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