3 Jobs Anyone Can Do From Home—No Special Skills Required

Working from home is pretty much a dream come true, right? Sleeping in late, making your own schedule, working in your pajamas, or heck, working right in bed. Who doesn’t want to trade in their commute and long hours for that? If this sounds like your dream come true, then I’ve got some good news for you: there actually are quite a few jobs that anyone can do from home

Anyone Can Do These Jobs from Home

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You might think you need special skills, education, or experience to snag an at-home job, but it’s actually not as complicated as you might think. In fact, just about anybody can find an at-home job they’re suited for. It takes patience and perseverance, but with a little work, you too can be a successful work-from-home-er.

Here are three jobs you can definitely do… and from home.


If you can type, you can transcribe. It’s pretty simple. You sign up with a company, and they send you audio files. You type what you hear read aloud in the file and return it, easy as that.

Some companies might require special audio software, but many organizations that hire inexperienced transcribers have pretty basic tech standards—like a computer and high-speed internet.

Eager to get started? Transcribe Anywhere offers transcription courses and advice for going freelance. TranscribeMe requires a training program, but has no crazy tech requirements. Quicktate only requires a typing quiz, and offers promotion for more successful typists to a sister site called iDictacte. Rev requires a grammar quiz, but pays around $22 – $39 an hour.

Social Media Management

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If you live for social media, if your posts regularly get dozens (or even hundreds) of likes from your followers, and if you know how to get eyes on your page, then social media management could be for you. Social media management might seem easy—just post some fun things to Facebook!—but there’s actually quite a bit of planning, knowledge, and skill that goes to deciding what to post, when to post, and how to post. Social algorithms are everything when it comes to making social media successful!

The best way to get started is probably to work on your own social media presence. Make sure you’re very familiar with all the big platforms—Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn—and gain some followers. If you can’t promote yourself, you can’t promote clients, either!


If you can write, you can write copy, too! Just about anything you read on the internet—sites, blogs, social media, email—has been crafted by a copywriter. However, copywriting isn’t just knowing how to write or having impeccable grammar (though those things definitely help). You also have to understand SEO—that is, Search Engine Optimization. In other words, you have to know how Google is going to interpret the things you write, and how it will present them to searchers.

SEO is a cornerstone of internet writing, so if you know it, you’ve already got a foot in the door. If you don’t, there are quite a few ways you can learn it online, like with Moz’s SEO Learning Center (free) or, better yet, from Google itself.

You Can Do These Full Time… or Freelance

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The great thing about all three of these work-from-home jobs is that you’ve got a lot of options for how you get started. You can find a full-time position with an established company. You can freelance through a contracting site like UpWork or Fiverr (there are a lot of others, too). Or you can work totally solo, finding your own clients to work for.

Flying Solo? Let Us Help!

Finding your own clients and managing your own freelance business obviously gives you the most flexibility to work when, where, and on what you want to work. But it does require a little extra go-getting to establish a client base to ensure you get enough work to pay your bills. Not sure where to start with that? That’s where we come in!

At Corridor Consulting, we’re all about helping both startup and established businesses create or improve their online presence—through websites, social media, blogs, and more. If you’re ready to find clients, then we’re ready to lend a hand. Contact us today and let’s chat.